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1 x 10 Litre Drum f/2 (f2) MetalMix 20,000x (Gamma Irradiated)

1 x 10 Litre Drum f/2 (f2) MetalMix 20,000x (Gamma Irradiated)

AlgaBoost MetalMix (20,000x) f/2 is a filtered (0.2 micron nominal pore size) concentrate of metal micronutrients for f/2 medium for culture of marine microalgae. It takes all the hard work out of producing your own f/2 using your own nitrate, phosphate and metasilicate. Make a complete f/2 medium, including vitamins, using our f/2 Vitamin Mix concentrate (1,000,000x), supplied in 10 or 20 ml syringes.

Makes:  200,000 litres f/2    
Take  200,000 litres seawater
+    10 litres MetalMix (20,000x)
+    Sodium Nitrate
+    Sodium Phosphate
+    Sodium Metasilicate
+    200 ml (1,000,000x) f/2 Vitamin Mix

To Make silicate-free f/2: For 2,000 litres of f/2 culture medium, add 100 ml of f/2 MetalMix 20,000x (from the 10 litre drum) to 2,000 litres of seawater, then add 2 ml of the concentrated (1,000,000x) f/2 Vitamin Mix from the 20ml syringe. Add sodium nitrate, sodium phosphate and metasilicate to your desired concentrations. Mix well, aerate and you're ready to go.

Formulation:When added to seawater together with with appropriate levels of sodium nitrate, sodium phosphate and metasilicate, our formulation produces an f/2 medium that is the same as that used by the CSIRO Microalgae Culture Laboratories (AUSTRALIA) & closely based on the formulation of Guillard & Ryther (1962) and Guillard (1975).

Can I use it with diatoms ?: You can use this product for culturing diatoms if first you add appropriate levels of phosphate, nitrate & metasilicate to the seawater used to make your media. Sodium metasilicate pentahydrate is commonly added to seawater at a level of 12.5 - 22.7 mg / litre, although the amount required may vary according to the species of microalgae and general culture conditions used.

Contains: Fe3+, citrate, Co2+, Cu2+, MoO42-, Zn2+, Mn2+.

Product Conditioning: contents of the 10 litre drum are 0.2 micron filtered, product has been Gamma Irradiated.

1 x 10 Litre Drum f/2 (f2) MetalMix 20,000x (Gamma Irradiated)