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10 x 10ml f/2 (f2) Vitamin Concentrate (1,000,000x)

10 x 10ml f/2 (f2) Vitamin Concentrate (1,000,000x)
AlgaBoost f/2 (f2) Vitamin Concentrate (1,000,000x) is a 1,000,000x concentrate of the Vitamin Mix used in f/2 microalgae culture medium. The 
concentrate is 0.2 micron (micron nominal pore size) filtered. 
To Use: Add 1ml per 1,000 litres of seawater culture medium (1 ml per tonne), then add all the other nutrients required to complete your 
f/2 medium.
Contains the essential f/2 vitamins (Thiamine-HCl, Biotin & B12).
Sterility; each syringe-full has been passed 0.2 micron-filtered.
Conveniently dispensed from a disposable syringe. Just remove cap and depress the plunger.
Each syringeful is individually packed.
10 x 10ml f/2 (f2) Vitamin Concentrate (1,000,000x)